Exploring Green Innovation: A Conversation with Rick Kersey

From the heart of Dallas, Texas, welcome to another episode of the Henry Harrison Entrepreneurs, Business, and Finance Podcast! Today, buckle up for an enthralling discussion as Henry sits down with the visionary entrepreneur, Rick Kersey, the driving force behind Green Tech MENA.

Meet Rick Kersey: A Trailblazer in Business Transformation

Get ready to be inspired by Rick Kersey’s remarkable journey of turning small ventures into industry giants. Rick’s entrepreneurial saga began with a modest Midwest distribution company, which he transformed into the largest independent distributor in the region before clinching a deal with a multi-billion-dollar corporation. Since then, Rick has been on a relentless quest for innovation, collaborating with over a dozen companies worldwide.

Green Tech MENA: Revolutionizing Waste-to-Energy Solutions

Rick Kersey’s current focus shines a spotlight on pioneering technology for waste-to-energy solutions across diverse geographies, including Bangladesh, Egypt, the United Kingdom, and the MENA region. Prepare to delve into the cutting-edge initiatives spearheaded by Rick and his team as they lead the charge towards a sustainable future.

Join us for an engaging conversation as Henry Harrison uncovers the insights, challenges, and triumphs behind Rick Kersey’s journey to redefine the landscape of green technology and environmental sustainability. Don’t miss out on this enlightening episode of the Henry Harrison Entrepreneurs, Business, and Finance Podcast!